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After we had climbed the daunting Mt. Kinsman as our introduction to New Hampshire Appalachian Trail hiking, we were wondering what we had gotten ourselves into! This was much harder than anything we had done before, and we wondered if we would be able to finish the section that we had planned on. We decided instead of continuing to the next section on our hike, Mt. Moosilauke, we would skip it and hike the more mild section to the south to give our bodies one more day to recover.  We hoped by then we would feel well enough to conquer Moosilauke.

After hiking back to our rental car, we drove wearily to a car campground and set up our hammocks.  We were exhausted, but of course not too tired for some delicious Chinese food in town.  After that we crashed in our hammocks and slept soundly.

We had beautiful weather the entire week we were in New Hampshire.  The only major rainstorm happened that next morning, so we decided to give ourselves a break and wait out the rain. We had our breakfast at what was becoming our favorite breakfast place, Dunkin Doughnuts.  Then we cruised the main street of the town for stores that could provide supplies we needed.  We then hung out for the rest of the morning at a nice McDonald’s for delicious iced coffee, WiFi and power.  I was able to get the first YouTube video done for this trip. https://youtu.be/c7Dsfz1CT1k  It took a surprisingly long time and I was only able to get a third of the first day edited and uploaded before it was time to leave for the local pizza place with their $5 special, two pizzas and a soda!

By then it was pouring and we actually got a little wet running from place to place, which we were really trying to avoid.  We were wearing the clothes we were going to hike in and didn’t want them wet already.  But we were glad we could run inside and were not continuously remaining in the rain.  So after pizza, we headed out to the start point of our hike for the day.  By then the rain had stopped and it remained a bit overcast for a while but eventually the sun came out and it was beautiful!

The rest of the story is told in the video, Ore Hill (day 4) below.  The previous day is also included below.  Hope you enjoy hiking with us!  The Big Mt. Moosilauke will be next!




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Fiery Gizzard Trail

Yesterday I wrote about how amazing our trip was to South Cumberland State Park, how amazing the area is with all the rock cliffs and waterfalls and boulders to climb over.  I joked that we were forever ruined for the local trails at home!  Well that phrase stuck in my head and I realized it is a quote from a book about God written by Joy Dawson called Forever Ruined by the Ordinary.  She says,

“I was tuned in and turned on to God, the Creator and Sustainer of the universe. I took off on an adventure of a lifetime… hearing and obeying God’s voice. I was forever ruined for the ordinary.”

In the same way that I was so amazed by the trails at this park and how much more amazing they were than my everyday trails at home, I want to be amazed by a life with God.  I want to follow hard after Him, seeking to follow wherever He goes.  I want my life with Him to be as an amazing adventure as my hikes have been.

God you know how distracted I get by the “ordinary life” and how I wander from this life of adventure with you.  Help me to follow you on the great adventures you have planned for me, to forever be ruined for the ordinary.

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Abraham answered, “God himself will provide the lamb for the burnt offering, my son.”  Gen. 22:8


Last June, we went to Capitol Reef N.P. in Utah.  The canyons and rock formations in this area are breathtaking.  We hiked down a very narrow, tall canyon.  We hiked most of the trail through the canyons, but Paul and the girls were too hot and had enough.  So they stayed in the shadow of a gimungo rock wall, and I continued to the end of that trail.  At first, I was mad at the traitors, but then I realized this was an opportunity to be alone with God in His magnificent creation.


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